Annual Congregational Business Meeting

SUNDAY, MARCH 25, 2018, 12:30 PM

All Members & Adherents Welcome        

Deacon Board Tulsi Gawander and Janet Plumb are in the middle of their two-year term and will remain as Deacons.  Five positions need to be filled, currently occupied by Russ Burmatoff, Bill Osborne, Val Gawne, Dan Woods and Chito Tan.  

Members Please fill in the nomination form available at the Welcome Centre, sign it and return it in the enclosed sealed envelope no later than Sunday, March 4,  2018.  Hand it to the Welcome Centre host or hostess to be placed in the secure box at the Welcome Centre.    


  The Purpose of a Deacon  

According to the account in Acts 6:1-7, the twelve apostles called seven men of good reputation, who were confident, competent, administrative, and led by the Holy Spirit to assist with the daily distribution of charity to those in need in the community. This was done in order that the apostles could give their attention to prayer and ministry of the word.

  The Qualifications and Expectations of a Deacon

According to Titus 1:5-9 and Timothy 3:1-10, there are several expectations of a man or woman who would serve the church as a deacon or deaconess. All of these attributes are desirable, achievable and central to good leadership and decision making.  The following is a partial list of characteristics that define a Deacon doing the work of the Lord in this role of leadership:  

· Is very regular at Sunday morning services. · Is active in facility maintenances/work days.

· Is a selfless servant of Christ.  Gal 1:10 · Understands & endorses the vision & direction of the church.  Prov 29:18

· Is full of faith.  I Cor 4:2

· Teachable and accepting of correction.  Prov 13:18

· Displays a servant’s heart.  Matt 20:26

· Is a team worker. Eph 5:21

· Has a willingness to submit. I Pet 2:13 · Is a model to other lay leaders. Titus 1:5, Phil. 3:17

· Supports RPC in tithing, attendance, & godliness.  Matt 23:23