Seniors Fellowship

Seniors Fellowship

Ages 55+

Boredom.. what's that?
If you are experiencing it, here's a recommendation,
You need to come to the senior's fellowship meetings!
You'll find a group of vivacious, exciting, young at heart seniors,
You can particpate to the level of your physical capability,
In carpet bowling, table-tennis, hand craft, Scrabble, etc.
Or just have some one to talk to.

Of course, there are those moments of inspiration and personal refletion,
Which is always good for the soul.

See you on Wednesdays at 10:00 am.
WAIT! I forgot something,
The potluck at month-end is really great, delicious and delectable,
The laughter and fellowship is fantastic
Looking forward to seeing you,
You are welcome.
One last thing,
Check your birth paper, make sure you are fifty five and over. OK!

Upcoming Events

Seniors' Fellowship

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 & other dates